For Nonprofits
One of the big goals for Chaffee County Community Foundation is to support the hard-working nonprofit organizations in our region.

In the future, as CCCF helps donors broaden and deepen charitable giving in our valley, we will also launch a grant-making program that will benefit nonprofits.

In the meantime, we can work with nonprofits to establish quasi-endowments and true endowment funds at CCCF that will help with financial sustainability for the future. Contact our executive director for information about these services.

Until that day, we intend to provide tangible support for nonprofits in the form of “best practice” workshops and seminars in these eight areas:
  • Board Development:  How are we doing as a board of directors? Is our board a high-functioning board that knows what their responsibilities are?
  • Fundraising:  How is our fundraising going? How do we create—and then implement— a great fund-raising plan?
  • Strategic planning:  How are we doing on strategic and long-range planning? Do we have an updated strategic plan that we monitor and act upon?
  • Marketing/communications:  How are we doing on our marketing and communications efforts? Do we have a plan? Do we follow our plan?
  • Operations:  How well are we managing our organization? How do board members, staff, volunteers, and donors feel about our management?
  • Financial management:  How well do we manage our finances? Do we have a long-range financial plan?
  • Information management:  How are we managing our information technology, software, hardware, social media, and more?
  • Impact measurement:  Do we understand the impact we are having on the community? Do we collect and track data that allows us to know if we have been successful?
Coming soon: Introducing the “Nonprofit Grader.” This proprietary assessment tool developed by our CCCF executive director allows nonprofits to evaluate the practices of their organization in a 100-item survey. Our executive director then meets with the board and staff of the organization to interpret the results and then create a strategy to accomplish best practices in all areas.
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